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Peer Performance | Print & Digital Media

Two months (or periods) into the 2017 selling season, so it is a good time to check your performance against similar companies. We take a look at the group of newspapers that are publicly held. We have extracted results from financial reporting. At the conclusion of this report, we will present some thoughts and directional ideas that may help achieve better results.

For over 10 years, many newspaper media organizations have promised over performance in digital marketing services (often referred to as DMS or Digital Agency). That digital would outpace the underperformance in print advertising (local, national & classified). According to the Newspaper Association of America, advertising revenue has declined 52% from 2003-2013.

The real challenge is while digital revenue has increased 177% and print has declined 58%, the basis has not changed much. As of 2013, digital accounted for 15% of total revenue. Trends are also showing that digital growth performance is slowing and in some cases flattening. Cleverly missing the point to draw attention away from the real challenge … how to find the way back to total revenue growth.


Bill Cummings is a Sales & Marketing executive with extensive experience catalyzing rapid revenue growth while controlling multimillion-dollar program budgets. Sharp advertising and marketing acumen across national publications, niche markets, classified verticals (autos, real estate & employment), legal and private party segments. Collaborative communicator continually focused on building relationships and positioning high-performance teams for unprecedented success. He is available to speak at workshops or meetings; lead off-sites; conduct rate analysis; forecast where your next sale will come from; coach your leadership team (advertising, management, content) and is available as an expert witness or M&A subject matter expert. For more ideas and information, email: or call (949) 293-0280.



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