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Angel Gonzalez

Marketing Associate

Turning down a home-cooked meal by Angel Gonzalez doesn’t happen often. His family and friends long ago were introduced to his meals, and what he loves to cook, they love to eat.

That’s not all that drives Angel, however. He is an avid tennis player and plays whenever he gets a spare moment. Maybe that’s why he loves living where the sun shines frequently.

He was born in San Jose, California, but was raised in Las Vegas. He loves both states and considers himself at home in both.

Angel has been selling for almost a decade, first door to door beginning in 2015 and then transitioning into alarm systems and solar-panel systems. He took a small break (from 2018-2021) from solar as he got into sales for the cannabis industry in Las Vegas, including doing a stint as a local-dispensary manager.

He works remotely from his home in Orange County, California.

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