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Dana Bussey

Marketing Associate

Based out of Evans, Georgia, which is right next to Augusta, home of the Masters Golf Tournament every spring, Dana, a NERUS marketing associate, spent considerable time in the car business as an Internet sales manager prior to joining NERUS. She left it behind prior to having her last child so she could become a stay-at-home mom.

She and her husband, Bennie, are devoted to their children. She brought her own, the late Chandler, who passed away at age 22; Madeline; 23, Isabella, 20; twins Catherine and Olivia, who are 16; her stepson Bryson, 15; and River, who is four. They have four adopted cats, Goku, Mochi, Suki and Yoshi and a good ol’ dog named Jude.

The family keeps Dana and her husband busy, but they make time to take in parks, lakes, zoos, the beach, and the mountains. They also have weekly family nights with her oldest daughter and her husband. If there is any time left in the week, Dana likes to garden and bake. She also loves to travel and plans to get to Iceland to celebrate her Icelandic heritage.

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