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Ian Oberst

Data Specialist

Since graduating with a degree in computer science from Western Oregon University during the first year of the pandemic (2020), Ian has pursued a certificate in advanced cyber security from Stanford University and joined the NERUS team in October 2022. Though he is classified as an operations specialist, he wears many caps in the Salem office.

Ian performs various technology-related tasks at NERUS. He is coveted for his problem-solving skills and his tech-savviness, which has folks here often referring to him not just as the IT guy, but as a true specialist or technophile. His love for all things computer is palatable.

In his spare time, Ian has crafted a hobby out of his love for game design and is at work building a small project in Unity. He has a certificate in game design from the University of Washington, just outside of Seattle. He and his sister, NERUS’ Merchandise Manager, Carla Oberst, share two cats, Gizmo and Mocha, at their home in Monmouth, Oregon.

He works out of the corporate office in Salem.

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