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Jamie Ames

Digital Assets Clerk

Having come of age surrounded often by the NERUS team (her mom, Margaux Alexander, is NERUS’ vice president of sales and engagement), it’s only natural that Jamie was tapped to be the company’s first intern after her interview. At age 17, Jamie, who is three credits shy of earning her high school diploma from Dallas High School, is a native Oregonian who works for NERUS’ operations team. 

Jamie is charged with vetting, which is doublechecking the addresses, web addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of contest entrants. Recently licensed to drive, Jamie looks forward to taking out her new-to-her Hyundai Santa Fe sports utility vehicle and her younger brother, Chase. A senior, Jamie helps the students in a special-education class at school, and lends a hand in the school’s front office answering the telephones and helping with paperwork. 

When not finishing High School, she works part-time from the Salem corporate office.

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