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Llara Seifert

Marketing Associate

A NERUS marketing associate for more than half a year, Llara (pronounced Lair-a, but she’ll answer to Laura, too) has been at home selling up a storm and raising a brood of littles. Relying on experience gained from selling insurance for State Farm and Allstate (she is licensed in Pennsylvania and Virginia), Llara is busy for NERUS. She is a newlywed, having married her husband, Dan, on Oct. 1 last year, and between the two of them, they have five children: Greyson, 16; Luella, 13; Addilyne, 8; and their twins, Silas and Finnley, who are six. That alone would be a fulltime job but add three dogs (including a puppy) and four cats, and the couple has its hands full.

The family doesn’t have a great deal of down time, but it does spend time at the beach in Delaware, where Dan’s family is from, when it is not consumed with sports and other childhood activities. When there is a moment or two to spare, the couple enjoy grabbing tickets to a show movie or attending a Hershey Bears hockey game.

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