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Luke Liljenwall

Social & Legacy Media Manager

Luke is a NERUS digital operator and is as funny as he is quiet around the NERUS office. Having earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business and marketing with a minor in economics from Western Oregon University, 

Luke is of Swedish descent and says his last name, which trips up just about everyone who tries to say it, is pronounced Lil-he-n-wall. He has a wide variety of social-media experience, and worked remotely for a 211 call center in Los Angeles and handled social media for the center, which provides social services and food relief to the houseless. He even proposed a marketing plan for the center prior to coming to NERUS. In his free time, Luke enjoys working out at the local gym and returns frequently to his native home in Astoria, Oregon. He also likes video games and snow boarding. 

Luke lives in West Salem, working out of the Salem corporate office.

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