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Shannan Armagost

Marketing Associate

Some people visit zoos, others, like Shannan Armagost, live in one. Almost literally. Shannan, one of NERUS’ newest marketing associates, is ripping it up selling for NERUS Strategies, but she has four children - ranging in age from 18 down to six -  three dogs including a basset hound, a Morkie (a Maltese and Yorkie mix), one English bulldog, two sphynx cats, two bunnies, and one toad to occupy the rest of her time. To suggest she’s busy would be to understate it dramatically. As she tells it, the ‘zoo at home takes up most of her time and the animals are a lot of work, too.’ 

She has been a stay-at-home mom for most of the past 12 years and is relying on her management of a seafood department at a grocery store, which required excellent customer service skills and sales savvy, to help her market NERUS products as she re-enters the workforce. She and her husband, Matthew, when they get a moment away from their offspring’s soccer and cheerleading events, like to go to fancy restaurants and pretend they are boujee. She is based out of York, Pennsylvania.

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