Vanessa Silberman

Marketing Associate

No other NERUS staff members can say they live half the year in iconic France and half the year in sunny Florida, but Vanessa Silberman says it and lives it. For six months annually, Vanessa spends her days working remotely from Bradenton, Florida, and for six months per year, she lives and works in Montpellier, France. She earned her master’s degree at the American University of Paris and established ties there. Working remotely from both locations, Vanessa considers herself a “digital nomad,” and puts her years of sales and copywriting skills to work, working with a variety of Best Of contestants for NERUS. When not helping to build gold-winning strategies, Vanessa is trying to speak French mieux (or is it millieur? Scrap it. We’ll just say “better”). Previously, she’s only taken a few language classes. She also loves playing tennis and is a ravenous reader. Happy to be able to finally travel internationally again, she is planning a trip to visit Portugal soon. She works remotely from Bradenton, Florida USA, and Montpellier, France,