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At NERUS we're unwavering in our dedication to data integrity. We understand that in a best-of contest, credibility is non-negotiable. That's why we meticulously verify contestant credentials, ensuring fairness and transparency in every vote. This assurance fuels the momentum of our contests, driving voter and audience adoption, boosting business engagement, and enhancing financial performance.

NERUS contests come to life through meticulously designed websites showcasing win status, products, digital solutions, and results options with flair.

2023 Contest Summary as of Sep 30, 2023

Maximizing Success:

Partnering with NERUS for Best of Contests

In today's rapidly evolving media landscape, staying ahead of the competition and engaging your audience effectively is paramount for media companies. "Best Of" contests have become a popular strategy for media companies to boost audience engagement, revenue, and brand credibility. While the concept of running such contests is not new, partnering with specialists like NERUS Strategies can provide a competitive edge that sets your media company apart. Let's explore the compelling advantages of collaborating with NERUS for your "Best Of" contests.

Expertise and Experience

NERUS boasts a team of over 50 US-based experts in the "Best Of" space. Our wealth of experience and expertise ensures that your contest will be guided by industry veterans who know what works and what doesn't. With a 45% year-over-year voter growth in 2023 and over 18 million votes counted, NERUS has a proven track record of success.


Monetization Opportunities

Beyond audience engagement, NERUS helps you unlock new revenue streams. Our expertise in sponsorships, advertising, and premium content offerings associated with the contest can turn your contest into a profitable venture.


Objective Perspective: NERUS brings an objective viewpoint to the table, free from the potential biases that may arise from an in-house team. This impartiality leads to more credible contest results and can also uncover valuable business opportunities in your marketplace. In 2023, NERUS welcomed over 132,000 small businesses to their contests, with over 70% of them being new to the platform.


Efficiency and Focus

NERUS contest management team and software allow your media company to concentrate on its core activities. Seamless collaboration with your local teams ensures a dynamic experience. The NERUS team handles content creation, audience engagement, contestant management, and all contest logistics, leaving our media partners to focus on what you do best.


Customization: Each contest is tailored to the media partner's specific needs and goals, ensuring alignment with brand and audience. NERUS understands that one size does not fit all and will craft a contest strategy that suits the market and media partner perfectly.


Reduced Risk

Strategies deployed by NERUS have been market-proven, mitigating risks associated with contest management, including legal compliance, data privacy, and security issues.



NERUS understands that contest participation can vary. We offer scalability, adjusting contest operations as needed to accommodate varying levels of engagement.



While there is a cost associated with our services through revenue sharing, partnering with NERUS can be cost-effective in the long run. The potential revenue generated from successful contests and other programs offered can more than justify the investment.



NERUS brings fresh ideas and innovative approaches to the table. Our cutting-edge balloting and contest management software keep your media company competitive and relevant in the ever-changing media landscape.


Measurable Results

NERUS provides tools and methods to track and analyze contest performance, offering valuable data for future planning and decision-making.


Partnering with NERUS for your "Best Of" contests can be a strategic move for media companies looking to enhance audience engagement, generate revenue, and maintain their competitive position. With a team of over 50 experts, a proven track record, and a focus on customization and innovation, NERUS Strategies is well-equipped to help your media company succeed in the dynamic world of "Best Of" contests.

Interested? Call or text Bill Cummings at (949) 293-0280, or shoot him an email. The team will review your market place and have a discovery call that can be the most profitable conversation you have had.

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