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Assignments, Paid Summer Internships

Do you have a way with words? Can you explain and describe a business in 140 words? Do you notice spelling and grammatical errors on the internet and on signs around town (and point them out to your friends)? Our company is searching for talented writers who can make our products and services understandable and accessible to the general population through blog posts, social media, advertising copy, and catalog-style magazines.


  • Interview sources, including on-site engineers, programmers, and product developers, to gain an in-depth understanding of our products, services, and business solutions

  • Create, edit and revise customer-facing materials, in-house correspondence, and technical documentation

  • Contribute articles to local and regional publications every week, on a variety of topics related to our industry, current events, and local business developments

  • Collaborate with other teams, including management, product design, and engineering, to ensure cohesive branding and public relations

  • Develop original content and revise previously published business materials, including product and service guides, direct mail campaign materials, and business-to-business presentation materials

Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree and three years experience as a technical writer or copywriter, or equivalent education and experience

  • Familiarity with AP style

  • Published clips or letters of reference from previous employers

  • Proficient with Word and Excel

  • Comfortable finding news sources through a variety of mediums.


We pay by the assignment, after the assignment. We have a great deal of work coming up for 2022, so we are looking for writers that can take on assignments. This could work into a part-time or full-time position.

This is for individuals, not for service centers.



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