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Carissa Holtmeier

Director, Marketing & Engagement

A 2009 graduate of Corban University in Salem, Carissa joined the NERUS family in September 2022. She holds the distinction of working in the NERUS office before it was NERUS’ office; she did administrative work for the Oregon Bankers Association, which was the previous tenant. She also did accounts payable and receivable for Natural Plants Products and helped them with logistics, which she is doing for NERUS as well.

She lives in Salem and has no pets, but she and her sister, Michelle Williams (no relation to the actress) started a podcast called “Different Sisters” this summer. The podcast focuses on anything unusual and explores conspiracies and true crime. “It really just gave us an excuse to get together. She likes concerts with artists such as Ben Folds and the band, Mercy Me. She’s also a fan of horror movies such as “Halloween.”

She works out of the Salem corporate office.

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