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Nicole Adams

Marketing Associate

Originally from Southern California, Nicole Adams has made North Carolina her home since 2001. With a robust career spanning over 25 years in print and digital advertising, Nicole briefly stepped away from the field to explore another career but soon returned, realizing her passion for advertising and joining Nerus. She homeschooled her two children, now grown, and played a key role in helping her husband establish a thriving music teaching studio. A musically inclined family, they all participate in choir singing, and Nicole has been playing the flute for most of her life. Nicole is also an avid jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, boasting a large collection and actively engaging in selling and trading puzzles. She excels in working with small and medium-sized businesses, assisting them in gaining recognition through the Best Of programs. Nicole joined the company in July 2023 and works remotely from her home in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.

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