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Sydnie Ihne

Director, Human Resources

After moving here from Chicago with her family when she was in middle school, Sydnie Ihne(pronounced like ‘eenyof the eeny, meeny, miny, moe’children’s nursery rhyme) attended Western Oregon University and graduated in 2023 with a dual major in public policy administration and communications. She is the company’s human resources coordinator. Away from the Salem corporate office where she is based, Sydnie is celebrating three years with her partner, Jacob, and they enjoy spending time with their orange tabby cat, Hank, and they play board games. A lot. Sydnie’s a whiz at the game “Clue,” which is one of her favorites, and they play often with family and friends. The couple also loves to cook together, and makes a mean, gluten-free fettucine Alfredo from scratch.

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